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Design meeting with clients.

Let's Do Something Great Together !

BC Designs Logo.

BC Designs offers pure interior design in Ottawa tailored to meet the distinctive taste, style and needs of individual client. We specialise in residential and commercial designs in various scales. Each project is executed and completed in the highest professional quality with utmost attention to details. Our goal is to provide our clients an easy and stress-free design process, assist them to realise their dreams and aspirations and turn them into aesthetically pleasing and fully functional spaces which they could enjoy, live or work in everyday.

Home office with a plant in it.

Interior Design Services:

Design Consultations

Site Inspection and Measurement

Design Drawings & Renderings

Material Selection and Sourcing

Living room with chairs and end table.

Post Design Services:

Meetings with Contractor

Design Coordination

Weekly Job Site Visits

Build Completion Review

Home office with a desk and a chair.

Reach Out and Tell Us About Your Project

Step 1

Spend some time to think about what you want to do to improve your home

Step 2

Write down a list of all your interior design requirements that you want to get done

Step 3

Call or email us to let us know all your requirements when you are ready to go

Step 4

A designer will contact you and guide you through your design journey with us

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