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Turning Browsers into Buyers

Despite the success of ecommerce, traditional bricks-and-mortar retail is here to stay. Providing an enticing shopping environment and experience to customers is still critical for business owners. BC Designs has extensive retail design experience that can help you develop a right commercial identity in order to drive your brand and business to a new height.

Branding You Can Touch and Feel

No amount of online research and customer reviews could replace the human sensations of seeing, touching and feeling the actual products in person at a retail store. The success of your brand and business depends on how you provide the interactions between customers and products. BC Designs will help you create a design solution which optimises that experience.

Even the most enthusiastic online shoppers hate to be stuck at home. Shopping in person as entertainment is still relevant these days. Bricks-and-mortar retailers that are able to incorporate the convenience of ecommerce into their physical stores are poised to greater success. At BC Designs, we will collaborate with you to identify suitable approaches to facilitate your ecommerce strategy inside your store.

Bricks-and-Mortar Ecommerce

Good Things Come in Small Packages

BC Designs works with clients of all businesses, large and small. However, we do have a soft spot for small businesses which can really benefit from the design services provided by a professional interior designer. We can help set up your bricks-and-mortar stores properly, and prepare your business to better achieve your goals and targets. We are here to help you.

Great restaurants serve not only good foods but they also provide desirable ambience and setting which allow patrons to relax their bodies and minds, and engage themselves in the delights of gastro and social activities which let them forget about the outside world for a while. At BC Designs, we express our love of foods and restaurants through our designs.

Eat.  Chat.  Love.

Work Less.  Do More.

Offices worldwide have gone through a revolution in recent times. Corporate hierarchy in work places has given way to open communication and inter-cooperation among employees which promote the deconstruction of the once highly compartmentalised work spaces. Furthermore, new technology has sped up the transformation. BC Designs tracks the latest design trends to produce up-to-date work space design for your corporate business.

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